Children's Parties

and Circus Workshop

The Magic Show 


The magic show itself, is in many ways quite unique. It is virtually a one man variety designed specifically for a younger (or family) audience. 

For example the magical content of the show is designed in such a way, that each routine includes, along with the magic, audience participation, funny situations, and visual comedy gags. The benefit is that all the children not only follow the magic, but thoroughly enjoy and laugh at the situation, even if they are not the chosen helper at that time. This is why I use a lot of sight or visual gags and jokes, because everyone can see it, and everyone becomes involved. And, of course, I usually give the birthday child (your child) the chance to come up and help. They are involved in all this, as it happens around them, and they have a little chance to be in the spotlight. The comedy and magic is centred around your child at this point and that helps them to feel even more special.

After all, this is their party, their special day, it should be all about your child,... And you know it just makes them feel good. It's all about them.

Also every child who helps with the magic, will receive a special gift from myself, which they can take home with them with my compliments.

The children just love that they are involved, and that is what makes the show and the party a great success.




Learn how to Juggle, Spin Plates and perform tricks using a Diablo. This workshop is perfect for schools and clubs. Both adults and children find this great fun.


NEW FOR 2014! 

Glitter Tattoos, Kids Discos and Adult Discos!





A hall is better than a house for the party (but I will also attend your house for a party if required). The children's attention span is much better, and it also makes it special for the birthday child.

Squeakers & Blowers are fun at the end of the party NOT at the beginning (or better still put in party bags) as these can be a big distraction and drive everyone up the wall.

Try not to litter the floor with balloons. This is usually a big mistake, as all the children want to do is stamp on them to pop them as quickly as they can. This causes loud bangs that scare younger children and make them cry. It also causes a more serious problem with small children choking on bits of balloon if they put them in their mouths. 
Leave the sweet food separate till the savory food has been eaten, to avoid left over food.  
Entertainers enjoy having parents at the party, but they can be a distraction if talkative. Kindly ask them to be quiet during the performance, so as not to detract from the children's enjoyment. 
Always expect a few extra guests from parents asking if brothers or sisters can stay. So have a few extra party bags prepared. 



Birthday Child's big day 


Try and keep the mood calm and gentle before the party. It is easy for the birthday child's big day to be spoiled by becoming over excited and then tearful, especially when they are young. If this does happen, try to keep smiling. It will pass.


Party Room



 We think that ideally you are best to book a hall or room for your party. When the party is finished, you can go back to a tidy home rather than spending hours tidying up and putting everything back in place.

If you do decide to have the party at home, try to remove chairs or put them to the side. Remove any breakable items and make sure sockets are covered. Remember that if you have booked entertainers, they will require a clear space to work in.


Party Food 


If you have the room, it is easier to seat the children at the table for the food. If not, we would recommend the disposible party boxes which are popular, especially for the young.

The disposible table wear makes clearing away at the end easy. Also keep the food simple. Children are too excited to eat much, and they prefer crisps and nibbly things like nuggets and sausages etc. They might prefer that to sandwiches and rolls, which they probably had in their school lunchbox all week. Chocolate biscuits and little cakes are also favourites, and cartons of juice add to the simplicity too.





What to do? 


As the children arrive, we feel that it is best to put all presents, unopened, to one side and the birthday child can open them after the party. Firstly, you can make sure you know who bought which present and send the right 'thank you' note, and secondly, it is something for the birthday child to look forward to when everyone has gone home.

It is important also to have something organised that the children can do when they arrive.  Not all the children will know each other, and won't just go and play. One suggestion is to provide some crayons and paper or a colouring in picture (something simple) at a table (I can provide colouring in pictures for the children if required). You could even give a prize at the end for the best! This could be themed around the party, or birthday child's favourite things!




Once all the children have arrived, it's time for the games. We suggest that you have the energetic games before the party food, and then afterward the quieter games.

In our games, we don't like the children to lose. It seems unfair that just because a child is less competitive than another they don't win a prize. We organise our games so that everyone competes and everyone wins.


 Going home


It seems that nowadays children expect to have a going home gift, which has become a tradition. You can buy little goodie bags that you can fill with sweets and novelties, but we feel that ready prepared bags, which you can buy in many shops, are an easy and probably cheaper option.

Also, remember a slice of birthday cake. If you have decorated the floor with balloons, give them to the children to take home, or you will be left with dozens of balloons that will either be wasted, or the birthday child will want to keep them all !!


Shopping and Reminder List


Invitations and Thank You Cards - Name Labels/Badges - Paper Pens - Cloths - Paper Napkins - Paper Plates or Boxes - Paper Cups or Drink Cartons - Balloons - Cake - Candles and Matches - Decorations - Music Machine - Equipment for Games - Prizes - Goodie Bags and Contents - Food for Children - Drinks for Children - Cake Knife - Kitchen Roll- Wet Wipes - Rubbish Bags - Camera with Film!




We feel that the secret to a good party is that you plan it well in advance. Limit the time to 2 hours, which is the length of most parties. Keep the age range to around the birthday child's. Make the party food simple, and if you want to make it easier on yourself, book good 'professional' children's entertainers.

Pat Doogan offers the ideal solution in his 'Complete Party' in which the 2 hour party is completely organised for you, which lets you enjoy this special day with your child. Make it a party to remember, not just another party !!


Booking an Entertainer


Book the entertainer before the venue. There are more venues than entertainers, and they often have more restrictions due to prior bookings.

 Download my Party Invites here